MIDI Note Number Chart for iOS Music Apps

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Middle C = C4, the default implementation for the iOS audio sampler unit

I’m regularly pulling this little chart up as I build music apps. I use it to translate scales and chords to numbers and to figure out what to name my samples.

Middle C in iOS

Middle C, in MIDI, is note number 60. Whether that note translates to C3 or C4 varies based on the platform.

With iOS and Apple’s sampler audio unit , middle C is C4.

Impact of Middle C = C4

Apple’s sampler audio unit will automatically associate a sample to a MIDI note number based on the name of the audio file. This is where middle C = C4 becomes important.

If you have an audio file named , and you load it into a sampler with , it’ll automatically get mapped to note number .

To trigger the sample is just: .

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