Hyperspektiv Interview on the App Store

Greg Cerveny
1 min readFeb 8, 2018

I love the new content direction of the App Store.

When I first started building apps, I would check the App Store every Thursday. That’s when the featured apps would be updated and I could see what Apple thought was cool and innovative.

These days I only open the App Store when I need to find something. But with great content features like this happening now, I’m finding myself engaged again.

My latest distraction was a meet the developer feature on the team behind Hyperspektiv.

I’m particularly fond of this quote:

“Music is our mother tongue. Making a song, an album, is the creative process we know best, so it’s what we bring to the table,” Grenier says.

Hypersketiv is an app with lots of fans in the computer music scene. It’s not only awesome to see Apple featuring a niche app like this, but great to be getting behind the scenes with the team.

You can check out the full feature, Distort Your Reality, but it’s only available on an iOS device.