A Small Lumens Experiment

Greg Cerveny
1 min readJan 29, 2018

I made this small experiment to visualize transactions on the Stellar network. It is, maybe, more like art, less like a utility.

Just some small circles fading away as lumens trade hands. Big circles for big amounts, small circles for small amounts.

I think we have many ways to see currency physically moving in the world. We see tip jars in coffee shops and musicians open cases as they busk on the street. We also have public installations like water fountains where coins, whether intended or not, end up collecting. There’s certainly some connection here beyond the simple transfer of money.

Where might we find something like this?


  • A new musician displaying their tablet with an address, when you send a tip, the art changes
  • A projection at a live concert or in another physical space, multiple participants might send a small tip to collectively build up something bigger
  • A screen in an otherwise remote artists studio, seeing a tip come in, knowing their art is appreciated somewhere far away