A Quick(ish) Way to Concatenate Audio in Swift

let composition = AVMutableComposition()
let compositionAudioTrack = composition.addMutableTrack(withMediaType: AVMediaTypeAudio, preferredTrackID: kCMPersistentTrackID_Invalid)

compositionAudioTrack.append(url: audioUrl1)
compositionAudioTrack.append(url: audioUrl2)

if let assetExport = AVAssetExportSession(asset: composition, presetName: AVAssetExportPresetPassthrough) {
assetExport.outputFileType = AVFileTypeWAVE
assetExport.outputURL = recordingUrl
assetExport.exportAsynchronously(completionHandler: {})
extension AVMutableCompositionTrack {
func append(url: URL) {
let newAsset = AVURLAsset(url: url)
let range = CMTimeRangeMake(kCMTimeZero, newAsset.duration)
let end = timeRange.end
if let track = newAsset.tracks(withMediaType: AVMediaTypeAudio).first {
try! insertTimeRange(range, of: track, at: end)




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